News from Down Under: The Global Effects of DPRK Threats

Written by Nora Campbell Recently, the DPRK has threatened the Pacific with nuclear arms, an action which could be extremely dangerous to Australia. No doubt, it was meant to seem this way, as we’ve also been accused of “blindly and zealously toeing the US line.” Since this, Australians have been wondering the same thing, is

VIRAL: Kid Records Australian Lady Saying Their Country Is “Overrun With Foreigners,” They Should Go Home

By: Liberty Laura Build a wall around Australia and have New Zealand pay for it.

Incredible Video: Commuters Rescue Man Trapped Between Train And Platform

Commuters in Perth, Australia rallied together to save a man who had become trapped between a train and a platform. The crowd gathered together in a show of solidarity to rock the train onto its side, saving the man from his predicament. What an incredible display of human solidarity!

EXCITING! New Australian Senator’s First Speech: “I am proudly what some call… a LIBERTARIAN!”

New Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm gave his first speech to the senate this morning. In it, he proudly calls himself a libertarian, quoting John Locke and declaring that the only role for government is to protect life, liberty, or property. Calling himself a “classical liberal,” Leyonhjelm says the he doesn’t know enough to tell others