Why Healthcare is Not a Right

Written by Grant M. Deltz  Associate Editor of Liberty Viral & The Libertarian Republic  Last night I was watching two senators, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, as they debated the future of healthcare in America. Senator Sanders decided at a point to ask Senator Cruz if he believed healthcare to be a human right. Cruz

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders is the Ultimate Ass-hat

Written By Katrina Ronneburg Libertarians have known for a long time that Bernie Sanders is economically illiterate and lacks business experience. That didn’t stop us from saying that he’s at least principled and may be doing the wrong things for the right reasons. WRONG! Here is why Bernie Sanders is the ultimate ass-hat and morally

Bernie Sanders Demonstrates Understanding of Free Markets [VIDEO]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Free market economics isn’t something you’d generally associate with 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. In the video below, the self proclaimed Democratic socialist (how even??) seems to demonstrate a limited understanding of the concept. If it would work for health care, why wouldn’t it work everywhere

WikiLeak Podesta Email: “Ground Bernie Sanders to a Pulp”

Written by Liberty Laura  In a new email batch released by Wikileaks, records show Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta urging “to ground Bernie [Sanders] to a pulp,” and saying, “We can’t start believing our own primary bullshit.” Check it out:

Bernie Sanders Calls for Free-Market Capitalism [VIDEO]

Written by Jeff Caldwell, II Yesterday United States Senator, Bernie Sanders, uploaded a video calling for free-market capitalism. The headline of the video reads, “We can import lettuce and tomatoes from farms all over the world, but somehow we cannot re-import from Canada brand name prescription drugs. That is why Americans are paying the highest prices in

Bernie Campaigns Against Rich People, Buys $600k Summer House

By: Liberty Laura After leading a campaign for the “common working man,” Bernie Sanders dropped out, endorsed the exact Wall Street Crony he said he was fighting against, and then went on to buy a $600,000 summer getaway on the Champlain Islands in Vermont last week. Socialists gotta vacation too, you know. His new crib has

Hundreds Of Empty Seats After Bernie Delegates Stage Walkout At DNC [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers The democratic convention hall is nearly as empty as their nominee’s heart.

Adam Kokesh Offers Bernie Sanders $250,000 For Two Hour Debate

By: Alex Furman Follow Alex on Twitter @Elvisandhismom and Facebook @Taxationistheftguy Roger Ver aka ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and Adam Kokesh are teaming up in an effort to get Senator Bernie Sanders to accept a formal, two hour debate with Kokesh himself. The topic is Socialism vs. Libertarianism, and Mr. Ver is offering $250,000 of his own money to charity

Bernie Sanders Supporters Want Pokémon Go To Encourage Voter Turnout

By: Laura Meyers Pokémon Go could be the free market force that we needed all along to help solve childhood obesity and lack of voter turnout. Solving the world’s problems one Squirtle at a time.

Meet the Bernie Sanders Supporter Arrested for Burning a Flag on Independence Day

By: Jeff Caldwell Bryton Mellott, a 22 year old Illinois man, was arrested on the 4th of July for burning an American flag on his property. According to Mellott’s Facebook page, his name is pronounced Turd Ferguson. He has many Bernie Sanders photos and posts, including a cover photo of an MTV image of Bernie holding a