Here’s What Socialist Bernie Sanders Protest Camps Look Like At The DNC [PHOTOS]

By: Liberty Laura An all-natural group of Bernie Sanders supporters are illegally camping to protest outside the DNC in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. David Guthrie, 35, from South Bend, Indiana, says that he and his fellow campers are a “legit revolutionary force.” “I’m a pacifist. I’ve thrown my last punch,” he told

Bernie Delegation Chants Blocked By White Noise Machine, Seats Stolen By Paid Volunteers [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura There have been several claims throughout the DNC by Bernie delegates that they are being blocked for hours at a time from their convention seats, and upon return, their seats are filled by people being paid to act as a supportive attendee for Hillary Clinton. Here’s a video of one volunteer’s experience:

BREAKING: Bernie Gives Hillary Pint Of His Ice Cream After Endorsement, She Throws It In Trash

By: Keith Doiron With tears in his eyes yesterday, Bernie Sanders encouraged his supporters to follow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He presented Hillary with his greatest achievement in 30 years of public service, a pint of Bernie’s Yearning ice cream, created by Ben and Jerry’s- the only profitable venture in all of his home state of Vermont. “We have