Death Extremely Common Near Clintons; Two More Bite The Dust

Written by  Your Third Choice Follow on Twitter: @YourThirdChoice There have been a litany of accusations leveled at the Clintons since the 90’s that, if believed, make the political careers of Bill and Hillary sound more like House of Cards plots than bureaucratic resumes. If it is true that “where there is smoke there is fire,”

Hillary Clinton Catches Bill Staring at Ivanka Trump [VIDEO]

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor of Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic In one of the most hilarious moments of the inauguration of President Trump, Hillary Clinton caught her husband, Former President Bill Clinton staring at Ivanka Trump, even making a face in response. Watch below:

An Open Letter to the Children of Trump Voters

Written By Crystal Byrd To the daughters whose parents have championed Donald Trump: Sweet girl, Please hear me when I say that no matter what you may hear around the dinner table or see your parents post on Facebook, your body belongs to you. No person has the right – or any business – to

Bill Clinton Meme Contest!

MEME ME!   It’s time for another Liberty Viral Meme Contest! Here are the instructions: 1. Use the above photo and do yo’ thing! 2. Post on Liberty Viral’s Facebook page 3. Wash, Rinse, Repeat SO…. What do you get if you win, you might be asking? Kidding! Sort of…. The dankest memes will be

CBS Edits Bill Clinton on Hillary’s Health: Same Thing’s Happened “Frequently” Over The Years [VIDEO]

Written By: Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz When CBS Evening News played a clip of Bill Clinton discussing his wife’s health in an interview, some viewers noticed something odd. CBS had cut President Clinton’s words. When asked about Hillary Clinton’s collapse and how often this has happened in the past,

Bill Clinton Gets Lit With Hip Hop Celebs

By: Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz Hillary Clinton has had a pretty tough time reaching out to millennial voters. Her Pokémon Go puns just don’t resonate. However, she forgot about her biggest secret weapon for being ‘cool.’ Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, surprised fans at the “Made in

Taxpayers Helped to Fund Hillary’s Private Email Server

By: Jeff Caldwell, II A Freedom of Information Act request reveals United States citizens paid for Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Politico reveals, “The [Former President’s] Act authorizes the GSA [General Services Administration] to fund the pensions, correspondence, support staff and travel of ex-presidents. It was passed in 1958 to ‘maintain the dignity’ of the presidency

The Clinton Body Count: Part 2

By: Lauren Mckinnon Welcome back. Yesterday we covered 20 deaths surrounding the Clinton Machine that were strange at best, and some were down-right scary. I mentioned that there were 47 deaths specifically tied to them but in the 24 hours since yesterday’s article published, I have discovered a couple more as I have expanded my

Report: Bill To Step Down From Clinton Foundation If Hillary Wins

By: Jeff Caldwell, II It’s about time Bill Clinton thinks about calling it quits. The Hill reports, The changes come as Clinton continues to face political attacks on the foundation, and on whether such a large outside organization can co-exist while being run by the family of a major public official. The changes were announced

The Clinton Body Count: Part 1

By: Lauren Mckinnon It’s no secret that the Clinton Machine has left a trail of bodies in its wake. This news has been brought to the forefront with the most recent deaths of John Ashe, the UN official who was set to testify against Hillary in a corruption case, and DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who