Man Rages on Cops After They Tased His Wife [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura In an altercation with police, an officer tased a man’s wife. After she collapses, the man goes off on the cops. Check it out:

Black Man Shot With Hands Up In Front Of Autistic Patient On The Street [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers In Florida, an unarmed behavioral therapist was attempting to calm an autistic patient, was shot by local police when officers took the boy’s toy truck for a gun. The man was shot with his hands in the air, and luckily lived to tell his story. After he was shot, he asked the

I’m In The Liberty Movement And I Respect Police, But I’m Free To Criticize Violence

By: Zach Garretson I have become very frustrated over the last week after witnessing so much hatred and disrespect within the liberty movement towards law enforcement. I want to be very clear, I have the utmost respect towards our police, and absolutely condemn any acts of violence against them. It is irresponsible and ignorant to

Second Video Emerges Of Alton Sterling Fatal Police Shooting

By: Liberty Laura This video appears to be at a different angle, slightly closer and more clear than the first video that was circulated of the Alton Sterling police shooting last week.

Is This Photo An Example Of White Privilege With Law Enforcement?

By: Laura Meyers In this week’s news, a police officer shot and killed gun owner, Philando Castile, at a routine traffic stop for an alleged broken tail light. The only video circulating at time of publication is the one recorded by Castile’s girlfriend, which does not show the actual shooting and events preceding it. The

Black Female Officer Says, “How Dare You Stand Next To Me In The Same Uniform And Murder Somebody” [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers From Warrensville, Ohio, police officer and mother of six, Nakia Jones, gave her opinion of police officers in minority communities and recent police shootings this morning on Facebook. “If you are white and you’re working in a black community and you are racist, you need to be ashamed of yourself,” Jones said

Police Shoot Seated Man At Traffic Stop, Aftermath Recorded Live By Girlfriend [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

By: Grant M. Deltz Events like this are why Americans become terrified and paranoid when they see a law enforcement vehicle sharing the road with them.  The same reason as to why we feel threatened and scared instead of safe and protected. The police state in this country is out of control. So many Americans are rightfully