Why Conservatives Are The Target Demographic for Libertarians

Written by Justin Moldow  Justin is the founder of LibertyHangout.org.  This article was originally published at LibertyHangout.org. To read, click here. When it comes to marketing, there are two integral factors that we must take into account: you need to have a knowledge of your product, and a knowledge of your consumers. In order to have a knowledge

Bernie Sanders Calls for Free-Market Capitalism [VIDEO]

Written by Jeff Caldwell, II Yesterday United States Senator, Bernie Sanders, uploaded a video calling for free-market capitalism. The headline of the video reads, “We can import lettuce and tomatoes from farms all over the world, but somehow we cannot re-import from Canada brand name prescription drugs. That is why Americans are paying the highest prices in

5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Support Free Markets

By: Liberty Laura Today’s young people tend to have an affinity for what they call “Scandinavian socialism.” You know… free college, subsidized public transportation, “economic equality,” no IKEA, but all the other feely-good stuff that means no one has to work hard for what they want because why worry about your next paycheck when there’s a

SMACKDOWN! Rand Paul Slams MSNBC Host On Free Market Healthcare [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’m #StillRanding.

Mom in Labor Calls Uber Instead of Ambulance. Why…?

By: Liberty Laura Babies are expensive. Medical bills are also expensive. Last week, when a new mother in Australia went into labor, she decided to cut some costs and precious time by utilizing the free market and calling an Uber for a ride to the hospital, rather than an ambulance. “I’d never called an ambulance before, so

[WATCH] Black Friday: 1983 vs. 2014

Someone produced a video showing the difference between Black Friday in 1983 vs. 2014, and it’s pretty epic. While it shows a pretty stark contrast in human behavior, we’re not so sure about all the ideas espoused in this video. Capitalism is awesome! More people getting access to cheaper goods is better for everyone, despite

Dear Democrats: You’re Not Liberal, You’re Just Children. Here’s Why…

Bill Whittle produced a video which debunks the liberal fallacy that democratic socialists actually believe in freedom. Whittle blasts the idiotic nature of leftists, whose attempts to “save the planet” are misguided and infantile. Whittle argues that “blindingly stupid” democrats are so confused about what liberalism means that they refuse to see the facts about

The Next Time Some Idiot Says “Capitalism Has Failed” Show Them This Picture

Someone put together a nice little line chart which shows the gross domestic product of the world over time. The results may surprise you… or not, if you’re not a little commie idiot.   And much of this growth has occurred just in recent years. The Economist found that from 1990-2010, nearly a billion people

Instead Of Strippers, Women Can Now Hire A Sexy Manservant

A new company is advertising incredibly attractive men in evening attire to work for women who don’t like the idea of a stripper. Yes, this is a real service. The idea comes from Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khaja, who wanted to sort of rewrite the traditional rules for bachelorette parties. “ManServants started as a

Anti-Capitalist Michael Moore Owns 9 Houses & Is Worth $50 Million

Anti-Capitalist filmmaker Michael Moore’s finances are coming under public scrutiny as he battles his way through a messy divorce from his wife. During the high-profile breakup it has been revealed that the man who praised Cuban socialism and derided American capitalism owns 9 homes and has a net worth of a whopping $50 million dollars.