Fracking Makes United States the Oil Leader of the World

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Rystad Energy reports the United States has more oil reserves than anyone else on the face of the planet. Check out this chart: The reasons for the abundance of oil is because of the Fracking Boom and technological advancement within the oil industry. Due to these reasons, the United States now has greater

Soldiers throwing grenades kill a dog [VIDEO]

Soldiers in a training exercise with live grenades killed a dog that had wandered into the live fire field. The video appears to be from the Chinese military, and it is believed that the animal had wandered out into the field unknowingly.

Boy Violently Attacks Grandmother Because She Won’t Buy Him A Toy

China – A young, Chinese boy was captured on security cam video attacking his grandmother because she refused to buy him a toy. The boy mercilessly grabs, pushes and hits her until she finally can take no more and starts hitting him back. Finally the crowd of onlookers step in to tear them apart.

Communist China Issues Threat To Citizens Of Hong Kong

The Communist Party of China (aka the ONLY party) wrote a threatening letter to the protestors occupying the streets of Hong Kong. In it, the party tells them of “unimaginable consequences” should the protests continue. Liberty Viral has published the entire text of the letter below. The Freedom Report podcast interviewed yesterday a libertarian citizen