Forbes Doesn’t Understand Memes, Ties Hentai to Trump Support

Something to remember when perusing the net: if it might be a meme, it is. Forbes picked up on the fact that tolls and edge-lords are purveyors of the internet’s more vague jokes, but failed to see why. In January of last year, Rick Wilson, a staunchly anti-Trump republican, was on live TV making some

BREAKING: CNN Cuts Ties With Donna Brazile

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz! Looking to distance themselves from the former CNN contributer, the network as claimed to be completely uncomfortable with recent WikiLeaks revelations showing it to be likely that Donna Brazile shared debate questions with the Hillary Clinton campaign before debating Bernie Sanders in

Glenn Beck: Progressives Exist in Both Parties [VIDEO]

By: Daniel Kyle Glenn Beck has fallen in love… with liberty! It seems that there are many in the Republican party that are becoming radicalized (with liberty). Glenn Beck was on with CNN, and he talked about his new book that focuses on the progressive movement. This movement is not associated with just Democrats. Its not exclusive to

Hillary Fan Has MELTDOWN After Trump Cutie Drops A Bomb [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Trump is eh, but blondie is fire.

Conspiracy? CNN Cuts Live Feed As Reporter Criticizes Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura As CNN reporter Brianna Keilar was being streamed Springfield, Illinois on Tuesday, the live feed was mysteriously cut as she began to drop truth bombs and critiques of Hillary Clinton’s support of the 1994 Crime Bill. Many claim that this legislation has disproportionately effected African-American males throughout the United States. The bill expanded the death penalty, encouraged states to lengthen

CNN Commentator Says Black People Can’t Be Racist

By: Laura Meyers On CNN today, political commentator Marc Lamont Hill state that black people cannot be racist because they lack the “institutional power” required to “deploy racism.” Hill was asked to respond to comments made by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani calling the Black Lives Matter movement “racist.” “First of all, by the way, Black

CNN Didn’t Seem Too Happy With This Amazing Black Republican Woman Who Won Yesterday

Mia Love (R-UT elect) became the first African-American Republican woman elected to the US congress yesterday, but some at CNN didn’t act as if they were overly excited. Love was asked whether race was a factor in her being elected, to which she replied: “This has nothing do with race. Understand that Utahans have made a statement that

John McCain Rips Into Jay Carney Over Obama’s ISIS Speech

Senator John McCain tore into President Obama’s former press secretary Jay Carney on CNN over the POTUS’ speech on ISIS. Senator McCain harshly criticized the president for comparing ISIS to Somalia and Yemen, where drone strikes have been successful in striking Islamic terrorists. Carney pushed back, claiming that Obama was following a mandate from the

CNN Is HATING The Fact That Waitresses Carry Guns At This Restaurant

Yesterday LibertyViral reported on a story from Rifle, Colorado where a new restaurant opened called Shooters Grill where the waitresses are packing heat. Now the story has gone viral and CNN produced a segment where the anchor seemed pretty hacked off about the restaurant’s policy.