Rachel Dolezal Culturally Appropriates a New Name

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Crystal Byrd Rachel Dolezal made famous for “identifying” as a black woman and becoming the president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter and a part-time professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University, before being outed as an undeniable whitest of the white girls. Though she no longer

5 Reasons There Aren’t More Libertarian Women

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Crystal Byrd I can’t pretend to speak for every woman who identifies as a Libertarian or an Ancap, but I would like to address an issue of importance to all of us in the afore-mentioned groups. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this… “Why aren’t

Who Did it Better: Lady Trump or Lady Obama?

By: Kara Johnson In case you were not counting down the minutes to celebrate the official GOP nomination of Donald Trump, last night marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention. As we all know, with Trump comes controversy. This time it wasn’t the Don, but his wife Melania. During her speech, people noticed a

Look What One Prankster Did at a Zoo in Los Angeles [PICTURES]

By: Grant M. Deltz The comedic troll Obviousplant hilariously decided to go around the Los Angeles Zoo and put up fake, yet comical facts about the animals. Here are a few of the funnier ones: Phillip is a cheating bastard Owls are Friends fans Ghosts are real Penguins are the Bernie Sanders of animals George Washington

What If? What America Looks Like After A Year Of President Johnson

By: Grant M. Deltz President Gary Johnson has now been in office for an entire year. Entering the year 2018, President Johnson claims that the biggest issue he must address is restoring “gravitas” to the nation. He has already followed through on his promise to replace the White House vegetable garden with a marijuana growery, and

Moron Beats Himself Up In Prison on Security Camera… Blames Cops… Gets Caught

Aleksandr Tomaszewski is having a bad day. But maybe he’d have an easier way of life, if he wasn’t such a moron. After being incarcerated by police from the Lane County Sheriff’s office, Tomaszewski decided to try and get himself out of trouble by kicking his own ass. What an idiot. He was on camera the

Here’s A Video of Chris Christie Falling Out Of His Chair On His Fat A**

Video – A radio station leaked a video of New Jersey Governor falling out of his chair, supposedly as an act of revenge for supporting the Cowboys football team.

This Video Of Al Sharpton’s Teleprompter Flubs Will Definitely Make You Laugh

The Washington Free Beacon produced a hilarious video featuring Al Sharpton’s teleprompter flubs. This short 1:21 second video is definitely worth a share to annoy your weirdo liberal friends!

These People Want Obama To Repeal The Bill of Rights

Prankster Mark Dice has done it again, with a video showing average Americans explaining why they want Obama to repeal the Bill of Rights. Dice’s brilliant setup asks whether we should repeal the amendments in light of the ISIS attacks on Charlie Hebdo in France. It just goes to show why it’s important for us

Before You Hit & Run, Make Sure Your License Isn’t Imprinted On The Back Of The Vehicle

Reddit user Cybermessiah was the unfortunate recipient of a hit and run driver. Luckily their car was so dirty that the evidence of the crime will likely lead to an arrest. Cybermessiah posted the following photos to Reddit, saying that the car was hit by a drunk driver, who didn’t stay or leave a not,