Does The New “Hillary Poster” Look Like Propaganda From Communist China? [PICS]

By: Liberty Laura This is the “Hillary poster” for sale on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign website: And these are some images of Chairman Mao Zedong that led is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 65 million Chinese people as he attempted to create a “new socialist China” nearly half a century ago: Similar? We’ll let you

The Summer Olympics Will Suck Because Of Big Government

By: Laura Meyers The opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games is scheduled to take place next month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2009, when Rio bidders made their Olympic pitch, they emphasized that Brazil was “a progressive, democratic country” and that “the Brazilian economy is stable.” What they forgot to mention was

Ragingly Stupid Communists Demand $20 per Hour, Pay Their Own Employees $13

Reason Magazine is reporting on a new job opening at the Freedom Socialist Party of Seattle, Washington. Economically illiterate socialist fugheads are trying to hire a web developer for $13 per hour, despite the fact that they’re actively campaigning to raise the minimum wage to $20. From Reason: According to the party’s last presidential platform,

Communist China Issues Threat To Citizens Of Hong Kong

The Communist Party of China (aka the ONLY party) wrote a threatening letter to the protestors occupying the streets of Hong Kong. In it, the party tells them of “unimaginable consequences” should the protests continue. Liberty Viral has published the entire text of the letter below. The Freedom Report podcast interviewed yesterday a libertarian citizen