Man Rages on Cops After They Tased His Wife [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura In an altercation with police, an officer tased a man’s wife. After she collapses, the man goes off on the cops. Check it out:

Badass Good Samaritan Tackles Suspect For Cops [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura On Monday, two police officers were attempting to apprehend a  potentially dangerous suspect when they were saved by the assistance of a badass good Samaritan nearby. Edmond police said the incident started shortly after 4 p.m. while the officer was responding to a reported sighting at Crest Foods at Santa Fe and SW

True Story: Cop Crashes SUV Into Dunkin Donuts

[youtube] Cops are stereotyped for loving doughnuts. They are also well known for parking illegally. Perhaps this officer went too far when he plowed into this Dunkin Donuts in Berlin, New Jersey. Apparently this officer just couldn’t wait to get his hands on fried sugary dough. CBS Philly reported: “Police say a Winslow Township