Is Washington REALLY Less Civil Under Trump?

According to a recent NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll, 70% of Americans think that the discourse in Washington between Democrats and Republicans has become noticeably less civil during the Trump Administration.  This is despite the high level of decorum coming from the White House…… Certainly, the news media has contributed to the illusion of increased inter-party acrimony

AWKWARD! Biden Gives Hillary Uncomfortably Long Hug [Video]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail together for the first time. Check out the strange interaction when they met up:

Watch Debbie Wasserman Schultz Get Booed Off Stage By Angry Democrats [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers “You’re not cool anymore, mom. I’m going to live with dad,” recited Democrats inside the DNC in Philadelphia this morning. Man this is brutal: DWS being booed this morning at the Florida Delegation Breakfast ahead of the DNC: — Frank Thorp V (@frankthorp) July 25, 2016

Rand Paul Tag Teams With Bernie Sanders to Audit the Fed?

By: Jeff Caldwell  In an interview with Kitco Monday, Rand Paul announced he is going to try to have Bernie Sanders co-sponsor the The Federal Reserve Transparency Act in the Senate. Senator Paul states, “In January, I did get a vote and we got a majority, 53 senators voted for it, but as you know, in

Congressman Thomas Massie SLAMS Paul Ryan Over Upcoming Gun Control Vote

By: Jeff Caldwell House Speaker Paul Ryan made an announcement on a June 30 conference call stating there is going to be a “counterterrorism package” vote the following week. The package is allegedly going to include a provision that, according to Ryan, helps prevent terrorists from purchasing a weapon. At 9:48 pm central time on

Ouch! Hillary Clinton Booed Off Stage After Only One Minute [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers Not everyone likes the Queen Bee. Especially when she’s a pandering, lying hypocrite in a pant suit. But I digress. After just one minute of speaking at a rally in Los Angeles, California, Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton was heckled off stage by protestors in the front row yelling, “You’re not welcome here,”

MSNBC Contributor Looks Forward To “Old White Southern Republicans” Dying

MSNBC Contributor Jimmy Williams took to the airwaves to opine that white southern voters are racist and will die some day, but he still thinks that Democrats need their votes. Democrats bemoaning their losses took to the airwaves today to explain why they think they lost the midterm elections. The fierce butthurt of social democratic pundits

Democrats Are Sending Out This Creepy, Threatening Letter Demanding People Vote

Mediaite is reporting on the story of a Brooklyn resident who received a creepy, threatening letter from the Democratic Party. Jonathan Coulton tweeted a photo of himself holding a piece of paper threatens to check his voting records and question Coulton if he doesn’t vote. I think the Democrats just threatened me: — Jonathan Coulton

This Simple Diagram Shows How A Libertarian Is Different From a Republican Or Democrat

Someone made a beautifully simplistic diagram that breaks down the difference on issues between libertarians, Republicans and Democrats. Share it with your friends if they’re confused about just what it means to be a libertarian.