Seth Rich UPDATE: Media Tirade and Kim Dotcom Open Letter

Since Kim Dotcom, hacker, gamer, and internet entrepreneur, offered evidence of the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer cooperating with WikiLeaks, the media has exploded. Dotcom has issued an open letter to the family in response to wild defamation thrown at him by media outlets since his announcement and promised to still provide evidence for his

Are You Mentioned In The DNC Wikileaks Emails? Search Here.

By: Liberty Laura  Former Libertarian presidential candidate, Austin Petersen and one of his campaign volunteers, Angie Davison were found mentioned in the Wikileaks DNC email database. Are you mentioned in the database? Follow the link here to find out.

Federal Appointments For Hillary Donors? DNC Leaks Reveals…

By: Liberty Laura This is why we don’t put people in charge of other people. Because people suck. The recent release by WikiLeaks includes Democratic National Committee documents, spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning to appoint big donors and fundraisers with appointments to federal boards and commissions. “The disclosed DNC emails sure look