Obscene Anti-SJW Posters Appear All Over Boulder Campus [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written By: @TaxationIsTheftGuy Wednesday January 25th, students at University of Colorado Boulder woke up to a campus littered with some of the most offensive posters imaginable. Put up ostensibly by supporters of controversial conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, the (mostly) fat bashing posters predictably outraged many of the students- particularly Social Justice Warriors.

Donald Trump Releases Plan to Privatize Roads and Bridges

By Jose Borbon In a report from October 27th, University of California–Irvine professor Peter Navarro and private equity honcho Wilbur Ross – two of Donald Trump’s chief economic advisers – outlined the candidate’s plan to privatize new infrastructure development. According to the advisers, one of the goals is to transform around $167 billion of federal tax

Trump Is Making America Hateful Again

By: Liberty Laura A video published by the New York Times yesterday showed a compilation of Donald Trump supporters at campaign rallies saying things like, “F$%k Islam,” “Ignorance and immigrants they mix together,” “God Bless Donald Trump,” calling President Obama the n-word, cheering when protest groups or individuals are kicked out, calling for the murder

ICYMI: Donald Trump On Hillary Clinton, “She’d Make A Good President” [AUDIO]

By: Laura Meyers Donald Trump, in 2008, said that he “knows” Hillary Clinton, and that she’d make either a “good president” or vice presidential pick. Not that any of this will change Trump supporters’ minds, buuuuut here it is:

#TrumpGirls Broke The Internet And It’s YUGE

By: Laura Meyers Yesterday afternoon, the Babes for Trump movement kicked off their #BreakTheInternet campaign with pictures of all the lovely ladies wishing to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. And what do you know, these delightful, build-the-wall-ettes have done it! They broke the internet. And my heart. Thanks for all the support yesterday when we got #trumpgirlsbreaktheinternet trending! Here