Donald Trump Releases Plan to Privatize Roads and Bridges

By Jose Borbon In a report from October 27th, University of California–Irvine professor Peter Navarro and private equity honcho Wilbur Ross – two of Donald Trump’s chief economic advisers – outlined the candidate’s plan to privatize new infrastructure development. According to the advisers, one of the goals is to transform around $167 billion of federal tax

Trump Is Making America Hateful Again

By: Liberty Laura A video published by the New York Times yesterday showed a compilation of Donald Trump supporters at campaign rallies saying things like, “F$%k Islam,” “Ignorance and immigrants they mix together,” “God Bless Donald Trump,” calling President Obama the n-word, cheering when protest groups or individuals are kicked out, calling for the murder

ICYMI: Donald Trump On Hillary Clinton, “She’d Make A Good President” [AUDIO]

By: Laura Meyers Donald Trump, in 2008, said that he “knows” Hillary Clinton, and that she’d make either a “good president” or vice presidential pick. Not that any of this will change Trump supporters’ minds, buuuuut here it is:

#TrumpGirls Broke The Internet And It’s YUGE

By: Laura Meyers Yesterday afternoon, the Babes for Trump movement kicked off their #BreakTheInternet campaign with pictures of all the lovely ladies wishing to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. And what do you know, these delightful, build-the-wall-ettes have done it! They broke the internet. And my heart. Thanks for all the support yesterday when we got #trumpgirlsbreaktheinternet trending! Here