Where are Gary Johnson’s Super PAC Donors and Yard Signs?

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Where is the Mr. Tomato Super PAC money? Chris Rufer stated on May 31st that he is looking to donate $1,000,000 to a Super PAC in support of Gary Johnson. Chris Rufer was at the Drew Carey fundraising event for Gary Johnson on July 24th. It is now August 3rd, and Gary Johnson’s FEC

Donald Trump Commits Felony? Asks for Illegal Donations from Foreigners

By: Jeff Caldwell It is illegal to knowingly solicit, assist, or direct foreigners to donate money to United States political campaigns. Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. have emailed elected officials multiple times in foreign countries asking for money, directing foreign nationals on how to donate, and offering to match donations up to $2,000,000. On Wednesday, June