AAA Study: Drowsy Driving the Equivalent of Drunk Driving

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Recent controversy regarding drunk driving laws spread through online libertarian circles like wildfire. Arguments were emotionally charged as many people know someone who has been affected by drunk driving, or may have been involved with an incident involving a drunk driver. Many made the argument that

[GRAPHIC] Some People Think Drunk Driving Should Be Legal, Here’s Why I Disagree

By Leif Bieberson, Liberty Champion Did you know that some people think it ought to be legal to drink and drive? I’m not one of those people, and this video of a drunk driver slamming into a pedestrian is one of the million reason why. It’s fashionable in libertarian circles to take the unpopular side

Irony: Cops Will Forcibly Draw Blood On The 4th Of July

Police officers in Eugene, Oregon have stated their intention to perform forcible blood draws on the Fourth of July weekend. In a show of strength, police will make sure that drivers are being safe by taking drivers who refuse breathalyzers down to the station and jabbing a needle in their veins to make sure they