PGA Golfer Tiger Woods Arrested for DUI?

Written by: Aaron Mathis Follow Him on Twitter: @The_Real_Mathis PGA Golfer Tiger Woods was arrested early in the morning of 5/29/2017 for driving under the influence. At 2:09 am, police officers came upon a vehicle, which turned out to be Woods Mercedes, stopped partially on the roadway on Indian Creek Parkway in Jupiter, Florida with flat

DUI Checkpoints are Unconstitutional

Written by Jeff Caldwell, II In February 2016, Kansas’ Supreme Court ruled it against the Fourth Amendment to punish suspected drunk drivers who refuse a sobriety test. The Kansas law stated a driver were to have his/her license suspended for a year when refusing a sobriety test. KSN reports, “The state’s high court, by a 6-1 vote Friday,