WikiLeak Podesta Email: “Ground Bernie Sanders to a Pulp”

Written by Liberty Laura  In a new email batch released by Wikileaks, records show Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta urging “to ground Bernie [Sanders] to a pulp,” and saying, “We can’t start believing our own primary bullshit.” Check it out:

Photo Shows Media Hypocrisy about James Comey

Written by Liberty Laura In a viral photo on Facebook, the page Disdain for Plebs has shown the confirmation bias of the Washington Post and it’s analysis of James Comey over the last few months– assumedly surrounding the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Check it out: Links to both stories: Republicans attack Mr. Comey for doing

Privacy Win! US Government Cannot Seize Emails Stored Overseas

By: Jeff Caldwell In a big win for Microsoft and data security, the company won a federal appeal against a United States Government warrant issued in 2014 that called for all “records, physical objects, and other materials” of a suspected drug trafficker. The government wanted all emails under the jurisdiction of the company’s ownership no matter where on

Trey Gowdy KILLS IT During Comey’s Testimony on Hillary’s Non-Indictment [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers During Thursday morning’s FBI hearing with FBI Director James Comey, the House Oversight Committee questioned Comey for confirmations and further inquiries about Hillary’s non-indictment. When it was Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) turn to question the FBI director, he put the smack down on Hillary and made Comey answer, point-blank, for all of her lies:

5 People Who Mishandled Classified Information Like Hillary, But Were Actually Prosecuted

By: Liberty Laura 5. Navy Engineer Sentenced for Mishandling Classified Material Byan Nishimura served as a Regional Engineer for the U.S. Navy in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008. He had access to classified briefing and digital records that could only be retained and viewed on authorized government computers, however, Nishimura allowed the materials to be downloaded

Donald Trump Commits Felony? Asks for Illegal Donations from Foreigners

By: Jeff Caldwell It is illegal to knowingly solicit, assist, or direct foreigners to donate money to United States political campaigns. Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. have emailed elected officials multiple times in foreign countries asking for money, directing foreign nationals on how to donate, and offering to match donations up to $2,000,000. On Wednesday, June