The Precedent of Words as Manslaughter: The Legality of Self-Ownership

Three years ago, a Massachusetts teen with horrendous eyebrows (and apparently a horrendous soul) encouraged another teen to kill himself via text messages. He did, and she was charged with a crime. But what crime? Negligence implies that one has a responsibility under law not to actively encourage suicide, and further requires proof that the

Governor Gary Johnson is Back! … Though, Not as a Candidate

Governor Gary Johnson makes his Return to Politics, but thankfully, this time he isn’t running for anything. Governor Johnson Continues the Fight for Fair Debates On Monday July 10th, Former Governor of New Mexico, and former Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson showed his supporters he’s not done fighting for liberty. In a Facebook post to his official

Top 8 Eyebrow Replacement Suggestions for Gary

By: Jennifer Giorgi The response has been overwhelming following the news of Gary Johnson’s missing eyebrows. Many folks have been speculating as to what the cause of the missing forehead fur might be. Independent campaign strategist, Robert Rayfield, suggested Gary’s charitable side might have gotten the best of him and he possibly could have donated his eyebrows to the Trump campaign