‘Being Liberal’ Goes On Arpaio Bender, But There’s One Glaring Problem

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Facebook or Twitter The Facebook Page Being Liberal has been on a recent bender about Donald Trump’s Presidential pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff was held in contempt of court for not ceasing racial profiling practices on court order. Here are a few captures of their posts:

Online Censorship & Elusive Objectivity: The Deepening Echo Chambers

Article by Lauren Delisle As an average online consumer amid the digital age, I have enjoyed my freedom of speech on social media just as much as the next person. Since joining the worldwide interweb with my official debut on Facebook around 2010, I look back to old content I shared with the knowing embarrassment

Cracker Barrel Fires Brad’s Wife; Devastates All of Humanity

The world is falling to pieces. Everyday we read a new story of tragedy, terror, and heartbreak – this tale is no different. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the unthinkable happens. Bradley Reid Byrd’s wife was fired from her job at Cracker Barrel, after eleven years of faithful service. And on Brad’s

Facebook to Collaborate With Israeli Government to Determine Censorship Rules

By: Jose Borbon Earlier this week it was revealed that the Israeli Government and Facebook are going to team up to delete any content Israel deems as offensive, raising concerns over the implications it might have with the freedom of speech, or the bias it will generate against users. The Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, revealed that

The 98 Things Facebook Knows About You

By: Liberty Laura Facebook knows your life. It knows what you like, what you don’t like, who you love, and anticipates your behavior. To do so, it has to collect a ton of metadata on your personality by tracking your activity. At least buy me dinner first, Mark… sheesh. The Sun reports: Mark Zuckerberg’s firm

Federal Reserve Joins Facebook, Immediately Regrets Decision [PHOTOS]

By: Mac The Federal Reserve launched a Facebook page, and the reactions are priceless. Here are some of our favorite comments found on their page:

STUDY: Cat People More Tired, Lonely and Single than Dog People

By: Liberty Laura Facebook recently conducted a study using object recognition technology. They “aggregated, de-identified data from a sample of about 160,000 people in the United States who shared photos of cats or dogs (or both) on Facebook,” and provided insight into the behaviors commonly shared by cat and dog people. The study say, “Yep,

How To Shutdown Political Party Police On Facebook

By: Liberty Laura A vote for third-party is a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump is by proxy a vote for Gary Johnson, which is still a vote for Hillary for Trump for Gary for Hairy for Obama for Mumps for- STAHP! This is a prime example of how you shutdown a two-party

Cop Fired After Threatening Little Girl on Facebook [PICTURES]

By: Jeff Caldwell Overland Park, Kansas Police Department immediately fired a police officer for his Facebook comment on a woman’s photo of her child. Lanaydra Williams lives in Dallas, TX. She says she doesn’t know anyone who lives in Overland Park. The former officer’s comment on William’s 2014 photo came a couple hours after the recent Dallas

Privacy Win! Facebook Offers Encrypted Messages with Self-Destruct Option

By: Jeff Caldwell Facebook wants its user base to know they are serious about privacy. On Friday, July 8th, Facebook announced it is testing “Secret Conversations” within Facebook Messenger. These messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning the only person, other than the sender, capable of reading the messages is the intended recipient, no one else- not even Facebook. From