Ouch! FBI’s Facebook Ratings and Reviews Plummet After Hillary Clinton’s Non-Indictment [PICTURES]

By: Lauren Mckinnon The FBI’s Facebook page has been slammed with a rash of negative reviews since the news broke that Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for her email scandals, and it does not look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. In the age of social media who needs pitchforks and torches

Police Shoot Seated Man At Traffic Stop, Aftermath Recorded Live By Girlfriend [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

By: Grant M. Deltz Events like this are why Americans become terrified and paranoid when they see a law enforcement vehicle sharing the road with them.  The same reason as to why we feel threatened and scared instead of safe and protected. The police state in this country is out of control. So many Americans are rightfully

Meet the Bernie Sanders Supporter Arrested for Burning a Flag on Independence Day

By: Jeff Caldwell Bryton Mellott, a 22 year old Illinois man, was arrested on the 4th of July for burning an American flag on his property. According to Mellott’s Facebook page, his name is pronounced Turd Ferguson. He has many Bernie Sanders photos and posts, including a cover photo of an MTV image of Bernie holding a

These Are The Top 10 Libertarians Who Like Cuddling

Facebook’s a very interesting tool, and it shows you what people around the world like. Using their graph search technology, Facebook can tell you what people like in relation to their other interests. We hatched a study today based on people who like our website in order to find out what other things they enjoy. It