Why Trump Will be the Most Powerful President Ever

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz! Franklin Delano Roosevelt was arguably the most powerful president the United States has ever had. After serving  twelve years and a month in office during World War II, there had to be term limits enacted for the president. He also had his

POLL: Do You Think Japanese Internment Camps During WWII Were Just?

By: Liberty Laura POLL: Do you think Japanese internment camps during WWII were just? The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II was the forced relocation and incarceration in camps in the interior of the country of between 110,000 and 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry who had lived on the Pacific coast. Sixty-two percent of

5 Lies Your Teacher Told You About The Great Depression

By: Laura Meyers 1. The Great Depression Was Because of Capitalism   It makes sense that mandated, public school systems propped up by the state would tell you that the reason the Great Depression lasted so long and was so detrimental was because of evil capitalism- not, in fact, the government itself. But in reality, the Great