Central Planning Sucks: Federal Reserve Will Not Raise Interest Rates

Written by Justin Moldow  Justin is the founder of LibertyHangout.org. A prior version of this article can be found here. For the past two years, the Federal Reserve has incessantly teased the public with the idea of raising interest rates. Yet here we stand today on September 21st, 2016, and the Federal Reserve has once again announced that it will

Trump Bashes Federal Reserve

By: Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz Donald Trump has returned to an issue he hasn’t touched on much since the primaries: The Federal Reserve. On his plane while in Ohio, Trump was asked about the Fed’s interest rates. In response to a potential rate hike, Trump remarked that the

Federal Reserve Joins Facebook, Immediately Regrets Decision [PHOTOS]

By: Mac The Federal Reserve launched a Facebook page, and the reactions are priceless. Here are some of our favorite comments found on their page:

Are Silver and Gold in Bull Markets?

By: Jeff Caldwell, II It is common to use charts over the course of the previous year to judge the price and performance of stocks, bonds and commodities. However, gold and silver are currently trading at or near two-year highs. Both have performed very well over the course of the past year. Let’s check out silver’s

Rand Paul Tag Teams With Bernie Sanders to Audit the Fed?

By: Jeff Caldwell  In an interview with Kitco Monday, Rand Paul announced he is going to try to have Bernie Sanders co-sponsor the The Federal Reserve Transparency Act in the Senate. Senator Paul states, “In January, I did get a vote and we got a majority, 53 senators voted for it, but as you know, in