Feminist Writer: “All Men Are Rapists And Should Be Put In Prison Then Shot”

By: Liberty Laura Yesterday, feminist and journalist living in the UK, Julie Bindel, tweeted (not sure if trolling or serious) that “all men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot.” Dear misogynist trolls I’m going to make things easier for you – save u some time. All men are rapists and should

Kyrgyzstan President: Women in Mini Skirts Don’t Become Suicide Bombers

By: Liberty Laura The president of Kyrgyzstan has attempted to dissuade women in the country from wearing hijabs, niqabs and burqas in assertion that Islamic dress allows women to become radicalized. He recently said, ““Our women have been wearing miniskirts since 1950s, and they never thought about wearing an explosive belt.” Almazbek Atambayev’s statements follow

Modern Feminist Hypocrisy In One Weird, Sexist Photo

By: Liberty Laura “I should be allowed to braid my armpit hair while looking at photo reels of Olympic bulges, and it’s time you accept that.”

Transgender YouTube Star Receives Death Threats For Being Libertarian

By: Daniel Kyle Follow Daniel on Twitter at @fallstarsvow Meet Blaire White, the libertarian transgender woman who is blowing up the internet. She’s been a critic of third wave feminism, the epidemic of BLM and the left’s agenda with the LGBT community in defining (ironically) Transgenderism. Blaire found plenty of support when it came to expressing her

Ladies Rejoice! Cannabis Tampons Are Here

By: Lauren Mckinnon Ladies! Great news! A company called Foria has released the Cannabis Tampon! HOORAY! Ok, I know what you’re thinking… but this isn’t your eccentric aunt’s  hemp-knit, hand-tie-dyed Birkenstock of Cooter Couture. No no, not that at all. Yikes!  Hippie Hemp for Her. These are actually suppositories. Yes, that’s right. You can’t smoke the

CONFESSION: I Dated a Tumblr SJW Feminist and Barely Survived

By: Kevin Enilc Kelly was normal at first, as far as liberal college girls go. I met Kelly in my Colonization to Civil War American History class, and I thought she was uniquely beautiful. Short, dark hair, intensely dark eyes, and the deepest dimples I’ve ever seen. After a couple of weeks of awkward flirting

Feminists, ACLU & Divorce Lawyers Opposing Shared Parenting

The American Civil Liberties Union is opposing a ballot measure in North Dakota aimed at offering shared parenting between the genders. The ACLU joins with several other institutions meant to keep parents from engaging in shared parenting of children. They’re branding their campaign, “Keeping Kids First,” but it seems more like it’s about keeping one

Why Is The Left Becoming Such Puritanical Conservatives With Their Rape Hysteria?

Joe Rogan hosted professor Thaddeus Russell to discuss the left’s new wave of rape hysteria. Rogan and Russell debate the new push by feminists to broadly define rape in such a way that it removes agency from women. If it’s rape to have sex with a girl while she’s drunk, despite the fact they may

Topless Feminist Activists March In France Against ISIS (NSFW)

Chanting for infidels to unite, topless feminist activist rallied against ISIS in France. From the video: FEMEN organised a protest calling on all “infidels” to “rise up” against the self-titled Islamic State (formerly ISIS) in Paris on Wednesday. The protesters were topless, with the slogan “Infidels Unite” painted on their backs and chests. They also wore

Here Are 10 Idiotic “Don’t Rape You Stupid, Stupid Man” Rules Generated By Feminists

A new flier generated by a feminist group instructs stupid, stupid men on how not to rape women. Citing such brilliant tips such as “use the buddy system,” and “don’t rape,” these rules are sure to have a profound impact on the male population at large. The sex magazine Gendersmash created this list because obviously