VIDEO: Alleged Syrian Refugees Fighting Each Other In German Processing Office

By: Liberty Laura What is even happening here?

Woah! Alex Jones And Young Turks Host Nearly Throw Punches At RNC [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  This is not a conspiracy:

Drunk, Psycho, Hose Beasts Cause Chaos At 7/11 [NSFW]

A bunch of drunk, psycho, hose beasts trashed a 7/11 yesterday, and the insane video of the altercation is going viral. This insane video is both hilarious, and epic. Share this with anyone you know who has a sense of humor.

Real-Life Luigi Defends Super Mario From Train Attack [VIDEO]

Bowser Jordan & Chubby Mushroom-Top Princess Attempt Curb Stomp… It’s Not Very Effective! Liberty Viral brings to you today an 8-bit tale in true high definition! OK, it’s 240p on Youtube, but still who cares? This is hilarious. A video, we’re guessing from Halloween, was uploaded showing a man talking mad trash to a guy dressed as Super Mario

Best Responses To TLR’s Story About Rapper P. Diddy B*tch-Slapping Drake

by Leif Bieberson When our sister site The Libertarian Republic published the news that rapper Diddy, AKA Sean “Puffy” Combs, AKA “Puff Daddy,” allegedly slapped that shifty Canadian Drake outside a Miami club last night, the reader’s responses were absolutely mind blowing! Some people were ANGRY! They didn’t understand how it affected libertarianism! They were

Watch What Happens When A Female Soldier Challenges A Male Devil Dog To A Boxing Match

A video is going viral which shows a boxing match which occurred in on a Friday night in Iraq. A female soldier challenged a male Marine to a public boxing match in front of the troops. This “battle of the sexes” ended pretty much how you might predict. I’m not sure why the male marine

Thug Gets Butt Kicked By Transgender Judo Champ!

A transgendered woman named Zohar was assaulted by a thug outside a nightclub and used a judo move to sweep the man off his feet.