The Precedent of Words as Manslaughter: The Legality of Self-Ownership

Three years ago, a Massachusetts teen with horrendous eyebrows (and apparently a horrendous soul) encouraged another teen to kill himself via text messages. He did, and she was charged with a crime. But what crime? Negligence implies that one has a responsibility under law not to actively encourage suicide, and further requires proof that the

SCOTUS Rules 8-0 In Favor of Offensive Speech

Good News! After a grueling eight year legal battle that has consumed the band and attracted the attention of the nation’s highest court, all Asian American synthpop-punk group, The Slants, will be able to rock under their chosen moniker. All eight current members of the court affirmed the right of the band to re-appropriate the term

Seriously? Third-Party Ballot Access Petitioners Denied By Cops In Public Park

By: Grant M. Deltz It was reported July 16 that two Libertarians were forced out of a public park in Pennsylvania while petitioning for ballot access and were ultimately charged with a pending citation of soliciting and disorderly conduct. The Libertarians, Pat Sellers who is a candidate for Congress, and Dale Kerns were pulled over in