Impeachable Offense! Trump Likes Steak the Worst Way Possible

An interesting discovery recently revealed how President Donald Trump likes to eat his steak: well done, and with ketchup. While the majority of people prefer their steak somewhere within the medium to medium rare range, a recent study shows that only 14 percent of trump supporters like their steak well done. Trump supporters get something

Monday Madness: Silly Food Regulations

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Liberty Melle Regulation costs us more than $2 TRILLION dollars annually. “There is virtually no aspect of our lives over which laws and ordinances do not reign,” Diane Katz, regulation expert, writes. She adds, “Congress and federal bureaucrats routinely ignore regulatory costs, exaggerate benefits, and breach legislative and

CBS: Food & Energy Costs Soaring, Inflation Is “Potential Problem”

A segment on CBS analyzed the rise in the Consumer Price Index which looked at the soaring costs of food and energy. The CPI recently showed that meat prices have increased 7.7%, while fruits and vegetables have gone up 3.2%. Acknowledging that inflation is a “potential problem,” the segment discussed the impact of inflation and