Fine Dining: 4 Reasons Your Children Should Not Be In This Environment

Caruso’s fine dining restaurant is located in Mooresville, North Carolina.  The owner, Pasquale Caruso, has been getting a lot of attacks about his decision to ban children from his restaurant.  This restaurant’s website alone should explain why he made this decision.  The “About Me” section describes the restaurant as “traditional, classy, elegant” and “a touch

5 Most Libertarian Dinosaurs

Written by Matthew Mahler As kids we all loved those terrible  thunder lizards but did you know dinosaurs were more OG Libertarian than Bill Weld? Here are your top 5 Libertarian dinosaurs. 1. Ankylosaurus The porcupine of its day, these armored beasts roamed the land covered in armor and armed with tails to deal heavy blows

Bernie Sanders Demonstrates Understanding of Free Markets [VIDEO]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Free market economics isn’t something you’d generally associate with 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. In the video below, the self proclaimed Democratic socialist (how even??) seems to demonstrate a limited understanding of the concept. If it would work for health care, why wouldn’t it work everywhere

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member Resigns Over Inauguration

Written by Aaron Mathis On January 20th of 2017, Donald J. Trump will be sworn-in as our nation’s 44th president. In the wake of his election in the public vote, and the official electoral vote in December, the #notmypresident sentiment spread like wildfire across the country, with Democrats and Progressives searching for ways to end

5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Support Free Markets

By: Liberty Laura Today’s young people tend to have an affinity for what they call “Scandinavian socialism.” You know… free college, subsidized public transportation, “economic equality,” no IKEA, but all the other feely-good stuff that means no one has to work hard for what they want because why worry about your next paycheck when there’s a

Lawyer on High EpiPen Prices: Blames Government, Promotes Competition [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura This morning on Fox News, Defense Attorney David Shwartz addressed the skyrocketing EpiPen prices. “This is a monopoly that they have, and the monopoly is being caused by the FDA,” said Shwartz. “The way to lower the price of drugs is competition. They haven’t approved the generic brands and they haven’t approved

Are Silver and Gold in Bull Markets?

By: Jeff Caldwell, II It is common to use charts over the course of the previous year to judge the price and performance of stocks, bonds and commodities. However, gold and silver are currently trading at or near two-year highs. Both have performed very well over the course of the past year. Let’s check out silver’s

WTF? Elizabeth Warren Joins Democrats In Protest Against Uber And Airbnb

By Grant Deltz Massachusetts senator and potential Hillary Clinton vice presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren joined two other senators in challenging the popular free market innovation: Airbnb. Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Dianne Feinstein of California joined Warren in urging the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to examine these such businesses like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and FlipKey

SMACKDOWN! Rand Paul Slams MSNBC Host On Free Market Healthcare [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’m #StillRanding.

Mom in Labor Calls Uber Instead of Ambulance. Why…?

By: Liberty Laura Babies are expensive. Medical bills are also expensive. Last week, when a new mother in Australia went into labor, she decided to cut some costs and precious time by utilizing the free market and calling an Uber for a ride to the hospital, rather than an ambulance. “I’d never called an ambulance before, so