A Love Letter to the IRS

Written by Ian Tartt   Dear IRS, Thank you so much for everything you do! I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start by talking about the money I earned that went to you last year. Sure, it would have been nice to be able to keep that money and decide for

French Presidential Candidate Refuses to Wear Head Cover in Lebanon

Written by Crystal Byrd Marine LePen is a front-running candidate for France’s Presidential office and has been criticized for her lack of international relationships as well has her party’s stance on immigration. She heads the National Front party in France recognized as far-right politically and her election would mark a distinct departure from the more liberal

5 Government Breaches That Show We Have a Serious Cyber Security Problem

Written by Paul Cook Google “Cyber Security” and you’ll likely find plenty of stories about Russia, Donald Trump, and the election. While Cyber Security became a hot topic during the election due to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time at the State Department, the US Federal Government has had a

A Thought Experiment: The Unfettered Corporation

Written by Jimmy Mahaney Time and time again, libertarians and anarcho-capitalists are told that if there ever was an instance where the government didn’t have some control or restriction over our own economy or others, we would have complete chaos. Everything for the little guy would just be miserable. You couldn’t find clean water, you

The Walking Dead’s Negan is Just Like Government

Written by Devin Cate After watching 6 seasons of The Walking Dead, we’re now watching Rick and the rest of the community face their worst enemy yet, Negan. This smooth-talking, barbwire-wrapped bat wielding, bloodthirsty new antagonist has a higher claim to these lands than anybody else. He also happens to have a massive army, referred to as the

USA to Sell $1.15 Billion of War Equipment to Saudi Arabia

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Weeks after the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission were finally released, the Pentagon approved a sale of 130 Abrams battle tanks, 20 armored recovery vehicles and other equipment, worth about $1.15 billion to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, August 9. Details in the formerly classified 28 pages have possibly linked a

16 Of The Most Ridiculous Municipal Laws In Small Town America

By: Rebekah Fiedler Most lovers of liberty agree that the federal government is too big. Most of them believe that issues should be handled at the local level. However, many do not realize just how out of control even small town governments can be. This is a compilation of some of the more outrageous things that

Rand Paul Tag Teams With Bernie Sanders to Audit the Fed?

By: Jeff Caldwell  In an interview with Kitco Monday, Rand Paul announced he is going to try to have Bernie Sanders co-sponsor the The Federal Reserve Transparency Act in the Senate. Senator Paul states, “In January, I did get a vote and we got a majority, 53 senators voted for it, but as you know, in

Gary Johnson is Open to Government Subsidized Income

By: Jeff Caldwell In an article shared on Facebook by Our America Initiative, Gary Johnson is described as being “open” to the idea of Universal Basic Income paid for with a carbon tax. Our America Initiative states in the headline text of the post, “A Basic Income – though worrisome if a mere addition to the government mass now drowning the economy

The Top 10 International Freedom Fighters You Didn’t Know About

By: Kody Fairfield The ideas of liberty have run deep through the veins of the American populace, since its founding as a nation. Breeding iron-born leaders with deep commitments to limited government, individual rights, and fiscal responsibility, arguably more so than any other place on earth.  But the world does have freedom fighters, outside the