Video Of This Drunk Girl On The Street Was Staged To Make Men Look Like Rapists

A viral video which supposedly shows a drunk girl in public asking for help from men who want to take advantage of her is said to be staged. The video’s producers allegedly set up the whole situation and asked the men in the video to come on to the woman. Apparently the men in the video were

Turns Out That Catcalling Video Was Mostly Shot In Minority Neighborhoods

Someone charted out the neighborhoods in NYC where the now infamous catcall video was shot. What it shows is bad for the filmmakers, bad for women, and bad for minorities. Chris Moore at Mass Appeal produced the following chart which shows where the model from last week’s viral video walked. Despite the video stating that the

Uppity, White Liberal Upset About Being Catcalled By Minorities In NYC

An organization called Hollaback, which is aimed at stopping street harassment, posted a video of a girl walking around the streets of NYC being “catcalled” by mostly minorities. Men can be heard saying such terrible things such as “how are you this morning,” and “have a nice evening,” while the uppity, white liberal woman looks

VIDEO: Thug Wearing Police Costume Harasses Red Light Camera Protesters In Chicago

A man wearing a Chicago policeman costume harassed a group of red light camera protesters on the sidewalk yesterday. The officer threatens to arrest the people for their offensive signs and for for recording him. The officer was identified as Sergeant Brown (Badge #2404), and was intimidating citizens for exercising their constitutionally protected rights.