Watch This Liberal Priest Squirm When Confronted About Hobby Lobby & Birth Control

A conservative activist approached a liberal priest who was protesting over the recent birth control case involving Hobby Lobby. Watch him squirm when asked about why he thinks employers should be forced to pay for their employees birth control.

Obama Just Posted The Stupidest Facebook Status Ever About Hobby Lobby

President Obama’s official Facebook page just weighed in on the Hobby Lobby decision and the results are just as stupid as you would expect. Of course, nothing in the Hobby Lobby decision has anything to do with employers making health care decisions for their female employees. This is just blatant pandering to the president’s base.

This One Hilarious Cartoon Shows What Liberal Feminists Are Really Angry About

The Hobby Lobby decision of the Supreme Court really brought out the worst amongst the pro-choice liberal feminists really want. This cartoon does a pretty good job of pointing it out, don’t you agree?

This One Hilarious Tweet Shows Why Liberal Feminists Are So Idiotic About The Hobby Lobby Decision

Liberal feminists are in a rage over the fact that they can’t force people to pay for their birth control. Just what is so empowering about forcing women to be dependent on their employers? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure, Sean Davis has summed up the real issue at stake in the

While Liberals Complained About Not Being Able To Force People To Give Them Free Birth Control, These People Were Actually Empowering Women

While idiotic liberals were complaining about women losing their rights because they couldn’t force employers to pay for birth control, this tampon company was inspiring women to be empowered. Read More on this story: Outrage over Hobby Lobby’s coverage of Viagra and vasectomies is laughable, says this feminist | The Libertarian Republic 

Is Hobby Lobby Taking Away Birth Control Coverage From Women? Judge Napolitano Breaks It Down

Watch the latest video at Fox News Sr. Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano broke down the recent Supreme Court ruling alongside one of the attorneys representing Hobby Lobby. Napolitano derided President Obama as “not a constitutional scholar,” for having defending so many rulings that the court has rejected.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

From the Dallas News: Update: 10:32 EST: And here’s the decision. The Supreme Court has handed a significant victory to opponents of Obamacare in ruling 5-4 that closely held corporations can’t be required to provide birth control coverage if doing so violated religious beliefs of their owners. But the majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito,