WATCH: Hong Kong Police Carry Off Protester To Dark Spot For A Beating

The Civic Party of China acknowledged that the person in a video who is carried off to be beaten by Chinese police is one of their members. From the video: Hong Kong police officers involved in an apparent assault on a protester have been “removed” from their positions, the city’s security chief said Wednesday, after

Communist China Issues Threat To Citizens Of Hong Kong

The Communist Party of China (aka the ONLY party) wrote a threatening letter to the protestors occupying the streets of Hong Kong. In it, the party tells them of “unimaginable consequences” should the protests continue. Liberty Viral has published the entire text of the letter below. The Freedom Report podcast interviewed yesterday a libertarian citizen

Amazing! Watch Hong Kong Protester Catch Tear Gas Grenade And Throw It Back

Demonstrations have erupted across Hong Kong in recent days as a measure of protest against the government of China nullifying certain politicians from seeking elected office. Protestors have gathered to express their desire for democratic reforms, while the government has cracked down, lobbing tear gas into the peaceful crowds. One demonstrator displayed a stunning feat