The Top 10 International Freedom Fighters You Didn’t Know About

By: Kody Fairfield The ideas of liberty have run deep through the veins of the American populace, since its founding as a nation. Breeding iron-born leaders with deep commitments to limited government, individual rights, and fiscal responsibility, arguably more so than any other place on earth.  But the world does have freedom fighters, outside the

This “Morality Cop” Tried To Beat Someone For Kissing In Public Until Sweet Karma Kicked In

“for I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” -Thomas Jefferson KOCHI, INDIA – Police fearing “sexual anarchy” cracked down on protestors who staged a rally where they would defy the law and kiss in public. Officers brutally disrupted a rally where citizens

Father Invites His Daughter’s Rapist To Dinner… Then Tortures Him To Death

DELHI, INDIA – An Indian man killed his 14-year-old daughter’s rapist after inviting him over for a home-cooked meal last week. The 45-year-old married man was killed by the girl’s father after having his genitals burnt off using hot tongs. Apparently the father learned of his daughter’s rape when the girl claimed that the man had