Trump’s ‘Unintentional’ Muslim Ban Sparks Outrage; Protests at International Airport [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Today, about 100 protesters are seen in ACLU Nationwide’s video below because two Iraqi citizens were being detained at the JFK Queens Airport in New York.  Those two Iraqi citizens are Hameed Khalid Darweesh and Haider Sameer Abdulkhaleq Alshawi.   Protestors were shouting: “What do we want? Justice! When do we want

THROWBACK: When A Sexy Pop Singer Pissed Off ISIS [VIDEO]

By:Mac In 2015, Helly Luv released her music video for “Revolution.” The video was filmed in a village near Mosul, Iraq where Peshmerga forces were fighting ISIS. Needless to say the video really pissed off the Islamic State, and unsurprisingly Helly Luv received many death threats. If filming her music video in an active war zone while giving ISIS the

Plot Twist: America Sends More People To Iraq

Written by an anonymous author The most warlike President to ever be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is once again sending Americans into combat. He seems to be trying to reinforce his status as the best President at looking peaceful, while also sending a lot of soldiers overseas. The 101st Airborne is seeing 400 of its

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair Could Be Prosecuted For War Crimes, Iraq War

By: Jeff Caldwell Four days after the damning Chilcot Report was released, former deputy Prime Minister of the UK, John Prescott, penned an op-ed stating, “In 2004, the U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that as regime change was the prime aim of the Iraq War, it was illegal. With great sadness and anger, I now believe

John McCain Rips Into Jay Carney Over Obama’s ISIS Speech

Senator John McCain tore into President Obama’s former press secretary Jay Carney on CNN over the POTUS’ speech on ISIS. Senator McCain harshly criticized the president for comparing ISIS to Somalia and Yemen, where drone strikes have been successful in striking Islamic terrorists. Carney pushed back, claiming that Obama was following a mandate from the

WATCH: ISIS Militants Crying After Being Captured is reporting on a viral video that shows ISIS militants who were captured back in June. The Islamic State terrorists are seen crying and whimpering after being captured by Iraqi army soldiers. h/t: Matt Naham

Watch President Bush’s 2007 Prediction About Obama’s Iraq

Fox News aired a news clip of George W. Bush’s predictions from 2007 about what would happen if the United States were to pull out of Iraq. The video seems to show an eery prescience on the part of the former president, who said that the country would become a haven for terrorists and mass

Iraqi Terrorist Blows Himself Up With His Own Bomb, Dies Gruesomely (GRAPHIC, NSFW)

An terrorist in Iraq attempted to plant an improvised explosive device but met the definition of “epic fail” when the IED blew up in his own face. Iraqi soldiers can be heard talking above him about the plot as the man dies horribly right in front of them. Apparently the man was creating a bomb

Dramatic Video Of Mountaintop Rescue In Iraq Emerges

Incredible video from Iraq has emerged which shows a dramatic helicopter rescue of Yazidi civilians who were trapped on Mount Sinjar. Mothers can be seen throwing their children on board as the Iraqi air force and Kurdish Peshmerga carried out the rescue mission. CNN’s Ivan Watson described the mission as “heroic.” He reported: “We landed on

Hot Libertarian Women Debate: Privacy, Foreign Policy & War

Two of the Top 20 Hot Libertarian Women,’s Tiffany Madison and Sex and the State blogger Cathy Reisenwitz, debate the latest from the Supreme Court’s privacy ruling on warrants for cell phones. Reisenwitz and Madison expand the discussion into recent the recent foreign policy debate over Iraq as well as Rand Paul’s comments on airstrikes.