EU Orders Apple to Pay Back 14.6 Billion Euros to Ireland

Written By: Grant M. Deltz  Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz! The European Union has ordered Apple to pay back 14.6 billion euros deriving from major tax benefits in Ireland. The EU has called the act of paying very minimal taxes illegal, and Brussels added on by saying Apple avoided tax bills on virtually

Privacy Win! US Government Cannot Seize Emails Stored Overseas

By: Jeff Caldwell In a big win for Microsoft and data security, the company won a federal appeal against a United States Government warrant issued in 2014 that called for all “records, physical objects, and other materials” of a suspected drug trafficker. The government wanted all emails under the jurisdiction of the company’s ownership no matter where on

Dramatic Shipwreck Video Shows Rescue At Sea

Dramatic video of a rescue at sea was released showing the men from a sinking ship being rescued by the coast guard. The fishing vessel began sinking off the coast of Ireland with the men clinging to the sides as the boat was consumed by the waves. The unbelievably terrifying ordeal had a happy ending, as