Where the Jokes End: An Exploration of Nazis, Irony and Murder

Irony and satire are spectacular double edged rhetorical blades. Capable of cutting both toward the obvious and obscure. A master of this weapon does not shy away from using either end. In order to be effective, a satirist pits extremes against each other. The using a juxtaposition of an obvious subject of ridicule to critique

Flood Destroys Home of Christian Who Claims God Sends Disasters to Punish Gays

By: Grant M. Deltz  So, there’s this guy named Tony Perkins who has preached that God sends natural disasters with the purpose of punishing gays. His home just got destroyed in the recent floods in Louisiana. The man who claims pedophilia to be a “homosexual problem” said he and his family had to flee his

Modern Feminist Hypocrisy In One Weird, Sexist Photo

By: Liberty Laura “I should be allowed to braid my armpit hair while looking at photo reels of Olympic bulges, and it’s time you accept that.”