Things Other Than Aleppo You Should Know About The Middle East

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Everyone has had their Aleppo fill for a while. If you didn’t know what it was before, you probably do now. The situation in Syria and the Middle East is understandably beyond confusing for some. Let’s discuss some key places and players to gain more familiarity. Gary

Defense Minister Pinotti: Despite Hallmarks, ISIS Yet to Claim Responsibility for Italy Quake

By: Alex Furman This is a Liberty Onion story.  The country still reeling from this mornings 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake, Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti held a press briefing addressing the likely terrorist attack. “While we cannot yet confirm, early intelligence does seem to point towards the Islamic State and its affiliates. Every hour it is

Citizens Rejoice as ISIS Militants Flee Manjib, Syria

By: Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed alliance composed of Arab and Kurdish fighters, said on Sunday that they were in control of all of Manbij, Syria. Manbij lies on a supply route between the Turkish border and the existing ISIS capital of Raqqa. The city had

THROWBACK: When A Sexy Pop Singer Pissed Off ISIS [VIDEO]

By:Mac In 2015, Helly Luv released her music video for “Revolution.” The video was filmed in a village near Mosul, Iraq where Peshmerga forces were fighting ISIS. Needless to say the video really pissed off the Islamic State, and unsurprisingly Helly Luv received many death threats. If filming her music video in an active war zone while giving ISIS the

Trump: Comments On Obama Being Founder Of ISIS Were Sarcasm

By: Liberty Laura Trump is doing what Trump does, and is now walking back his comments suggesting that President Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” and that Hillary Clinton was the “MVP.” On Thursday during an interview with Trump, Hugh Hewitt said he understood Trump to mean “that he (Obama) created the vacuum, he lost the peace.” Trump

VIDEO: Donald Trump Says Obama Is “Founder Of ISIS”

By: Liberty Laura In Florida yesterday, Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton is responsible in part for the creation of ISIS, and that President Obama is the founder of the organization. Watch below (statement at 1:05):

Young Islamic Girl Sings ISIS Song and Cuts Head Off Doll [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Don’t watch this too close to bedtime.

WTF? John Kerry Says Air Conditioning And Refrigerators Are Equal To ISIS

By: Grant M. Deltz Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday in Vienna that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big a threat to life as terrorism groups like ISIS. His chilled demeanor was unsettling, and his cold-hearted analysis was questionable. He remarked, “As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism,

Twin Brothers Stab Mother To Death After She Tries To Stop Them From Joining ISIS

By: Liberty Laura  Twin brothers, Khaled and Saleh al-Oraini, both 20-years-old, were arrested while trying to flee accross the Saudi Arabian border into Yemen after being accused of killing their 67-year-old mother when she tried to dissuade the men from joining ISIS. They also stand accused of attacking and stabbing their 73-year-old father and 22-year-old

Man Reportedly Found Raping A Pit Bull Says To Owner That He Was Sent By ISIS

A pervy perp who was reportedly caught raping a pit bull by the dog’s owner says that he was sent by the terrorist group ISIS. “He pranced through the yard naked, yelling ‘this is our day and you have to prosper in it. ISIS sent me,’” the owner said.  The dog’s owner found the naked man