The CIA and Other Nefarious Groups Can Take Over Virtually Every Smart Device You Own

Written By Gavin Hanson Wikileaks, the clandestine international cyber investigators and pirates of state secrets have recently struck again, releasing the second batch of its Vault7 collection of secret CIA materials. The most recent release of government secrets, entitled “Dark Matter,” includes emails and computer code demonstrating and describing the ownership, discussion, and use by government

Alex Jones Triggered by Wikileaks’ Lack Of “October Surprise”

Written by Kody Fairfield Co-Host Of Liberty Coast 2 Coast, Follow On Twitter @K0D_4 Early Tuesday morning, many people found themselves glued to their computer screens as they awaited Wikileaks supposed celebration of their 10 year anniversary, and the “October Surprise” that was to befall Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton. Nobody was more excited for this announcement than founder

The Clinton Body Count: Part 2

By: Lauren Mckinnon Welcome back. Yesterday we covered 20 deaths surrounding the Clinton Machine that were strange at best, and some were down-right scary. I mentioned that there were 47 deaths specifically tied to them but in the 24 hours since yesterday’s article published, I have discovered a couple more as I have expanded my

Wikileaks Tweets About Intruder at Assange Asylum, Internet Reacts

By: Liberty Laura Last night, Wikileaks tweeted this: Male intruder at 2.47am climbed this wall of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has asylum — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 22, 2016 Now, the Internet is suggesting maybe it could have been an assassinated attempt. @wikileaks attempted assassination you think? — Wikileaks2 (@laurapcd1) August 22,