He Beat His Wife… So The Villagers Turned Around And Beat His A**! [GRAPHIC]

A brutal video of unknown national origin shows a man reportedly beating his wife, until several men from his village overhear the commotion and decide to punish him immediately for his violent acts. Domestic violence is no laughing matter, but there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing someone get justice dealt out immediately.

Two Jerks Picked On Her Kittens, So She Gave Them The Claw

A heroic cat saved her kittens from two aggressive men who were harassing them. This video is so satisfying to watch that we’ve probably looped it over and over maybe 50 times here at Liberty Viral’s Happening Bunker. Don’t you just love swift justice?

This Guy Stupidly Attacked A Man With A Gun… Now He’s Dead.

Security camera footage from a town hall in the city of Vila Velha, Brazil shows a man violently attacking a guard. The man was reportedly looking for his ex-girlfriend who works in the building, and became belligerent with a security guard who attempted to eject him. After the man began violently pummeling the security guard,

These Idiots Took Selfies From a Stolen iPad, Guess What Happened Next?

Ahh justice porn, you are my favorite thing in the world. There’s nothing like seeing someone get their comeuppance, and that right quick! When these two thieves stole somebody’s iPad, they did what morons do when they can’t make a legitimate living… screw up their lives immediately by getting caught! Dillan Thompson and Dorian Walker

Mother Who Beat Her Child To Death Gets Punched In The Face

KCTV5 From KCTV 5:  MOBILE, AL (WALA) – Summer Everett, a Semmes woman charged with allegedly beating her toddler to death, was hit in the face by another inmate on Wednesday night, January 14, while being booked into Mobile County Metro Jail, according to sheriff’s officials. Lori Myles with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office confirmed

Giuliani: Racial Disparity Of Police On Enforcement Is Exception, 93% of Blacks Killed By Other Blacks

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Meet the Press to discuss the racial makeup of police officers and disparities between them and the people they patrol. Giuliani argued that the racial policing disparity was a significant exception to the rule and pivoted to the issue that 93% of blacks are killed by

Russian Schoolboy Pesters Homeless Man & Gets His A** Kicked

We here at Liberty Viral are huge fans of what’s known as “Justice Porn,” so we spend a lot of time looking for content all over the Internet to bring you videos and stories in that vein. This video is no different. A Russian schoolboy is seen harassing a homeless man incessantly, chasing him and

Watch A Roomful Of People Condemn 5 Innocent Men

The World Science Festival produced a brilliant short video which displays the flaws of eyewitness testimony as they relate to our criminal justice system. Saul Kassin of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice gave a presentation titled “The Science of Justice: A Matter of Opinion.” In it, Kassin had a man steal his iPad

Sex Attacker Gets BLASTED In The Crotch By His Tiny Victim… Who’s A Federal Marshal!

PITTSBURGH, PA – Robert Flynn decided to plead the Fifth when asked to give his side of the story after he tried to assault a female jogger. Flynn was charged for yanking the pants off of the woman who just so happened to be a federal marshal and wasn’t in the mood to take his

Stolen Snake Wraps Around Thief’s Neck, Forces Her To Crash

A woman was arrested after stealing a python from a Petco in New York. Sarah Espinosa lost control of her vehicle after the animal wrapped itself around her neck and began choking her. Espinosa crashed her vehicle into a firehouse, where rescue teams were able to extricate her from the beast’s grip and she was