BREAKING: Liberty Viral is Fake News

In an unusual and wildly unexpected event, the popular Libertarian culture and news site Liberty Viral has broken the story that Liberty Viral is in fact, fake news. Meme and satire lovers across the internet expressed their disappointment and outrage when Liberty Viral recently reported that McDonald’s took a swipe at President Trump. Rightfully, readers

SUCCESS: Easier for Kids to Get Glocks than Books

By: Jennifer Giorgi Tuesday morning President Obama reported it’s easier for a teenager to get a Glock than a book. This has largely been positively received by the parents of school-aged children. Recent years have proven to be tough for public school systems between implementing and dealing with the fallout from the No Child Left

Watch this little girl field-strip and reassemble an AR-15 in a flash!

Post by Rick Allen Carfagna. A little girl proudly displayed her skills with an AR-15 in a video that’s totally got viral written all over it. McKenzie manages to field-strip the gun in 15 seconds handily. Then she turns around and puts it back together in 53 seconds WITH a function check. She’s ready to