MAD DOG WON’T BITE! Mattis Doesn’t Take Bait, Defends LGBT [VIDEO]

Written by: David Fisher General “Mad Dog” Mattis defended LGBT in the military yesterday during his confirmation hearing, calling them “patriots” and later not taking Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s bait when pressed on LGBT service members. “Frankly, Senator, I’ve never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with.” When pressed again,

Democratic Senator Admits Knowing President Was Lying About Obamacare

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) responded affirmatively when asked about whether she knew that the president was being deceptive about the passage of Obamacare. In an interview with ABC News, Gillibrand was confronted with how deceitful the implementation of Obamacare was. The senator from New York seemed very agitated by the questioning, and denounced healthcare plans