Libertarian Party of Rhode Island Withdraws from Weld Rally

Written by Liberty Laura A press released published on November 3 by the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island states that they have withdrawn their willingness to host an upcoming event with Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld due to recent controversial statements. Here is a copy of the official statement:

John Stossel: I’m Voting for Gary Johnson! [VIDEO]

Written by Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio John Stossel, television personality, author, and libertarian pundit has been a consistent champion of libertarian ideals. Even before Libertarian presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, was selected, he often welcomed the other libertarian candidates on his show, including the first nationally televised Libertarian debate earlier this year. Most recently, Stossel dedicated an

Ron Paul Institute Slams the Libertarian Ticket

Written by Reid Finchem Sunday afternoon, The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity ran a piece harshly criticizing the Libertarian Party presidential ticket, based on statements made by writer Adam Dick, a senior fellow at the institute and a former congressional aide to Paul. The Ron Paul Institute writes that Bill Weld’s nomination to the

Gary Johnson: “This Is The Demise Of The Republican Party” [VIDEO]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson, biked about fourteen or fifteen miles for this interview with CNBC. Johnson states he and the Libertarian Party represent the majority of the members in the Republican Party. Part of the transcript goes as such: Harwood: Let’s say Hillary Clinton‘s elected, and you have a solid showing. Trump loses.

Gary Johnson Super PAC Spends $30k on “Internet Web Memes”

By: Liberty Laura This week, a super PAC supporting Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, formed by Matt Kibbe, spent $30,000 on “internet web memes.” Here’s the FEC filing: Gawker reports: In June, the owner of libertarian tomato processing company Morning Stardonated half a million dollars to AlternativePAC, but Sunday’s meme buy appears to be the

Ben Shapiro SLAMS The Libertarian Party With This Tweet…

By: Liberty Laura Shared with no comment. Perhaps the saddest party in the saddest year in major party history is the libertarians. All they had to do was nominate a libertarian. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) August 5, 2016

Larry King: “The Libertarian Party Candidate Should Be In the Debates”

By: Liberty Laura Thanks, Larry. The Libertarian Party tends to support equality for the little man as well. The Libertarian Party candidates should be involved in the debates…#ItsMy2Cents — Larry King (@kingsthings) July 25, 2016

Is There A New Gary Johnson And Sweet Meteor Of Death Campaign Partnership?

In an unexpected move from the Johnson/Weld campaign, it appears as if the duo are crossing party lines and partnering with the Sweet Meteor of Death (SMOD) campaign who has recently announced Inertia as a running mate. Although there has not been official word from either camp, a recent fundraising video from Johnson/Weld alludes to the

Debate: Should Libertarians Love Gary Johnson?

By: Rebekah Fiedler This week on the Liberty Hangout Podcast, Justin Moldow, founder of Liberty Hangout, took on Charles Peralo, co-founder of Being Libertarian, to debate the question, “Should Libertarians Love Gary Johnson?” Peralo took the affirmative side, while Moldow argued the negative side. Eric July, lead singer of Backwordz, moderated. Before the Libertarian National Convention, many

Gary Johnson Knocks It Out Of The Park On Bill Maher! [HD VIDEO]

Gary Johnson appeared on Bill Maher as the only sane option that is going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. He spoke of women’s right to choose, marriage equality, legalization, and cutting military spending by 20 percent. Maher admits he hopes Johnson gets in the debates! Check it out here: