Watching This Woman Beat The Hell Out Of Her Attacker Is Extremely Satisfying

Post by 107.5 AMOR. A viral video which shows a woman turn the tables on her attempted purse-snatcher is adorned in all the trappings of greatness. Security camera footage shows the woman getting out of her car when the attempted thief tries to grab her purse. The woman struggles with her attacker, pulling on the

Video: Karate Clerk Protects Coworker And Beats Thugs A**!

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player HOUSTON, TX – A clerk at a convenience store beat the living hell out of a thug who tried to rob a coworker outside his shop. Mayura Dissanyake is a semi-professional mixed martial artist who noticed two men jump out of an SUV to attack his coworker to steal his moneybag.

Thug Gets Butt Kicked By Transgender Judo Champ!

A transgendered woman named Zohar was assaulted by a thug outside a nightclub and used a judo move to sweep the man off his feet.