Where the Jokes End: An Exploration of Nazis, Irony and Murder

Irony and satire are spectacular double edged rhetorical blades. Capable of cutting both toward the obvious and obscure. A master of this weapon does not shy away from using either end. In order to be effective, a satirist pits extremes against each other. The using a juxtaposition of an obvious subject of ridicule to critique

Communists in China are Afraid of Winnie the Pooh

Chinese censors have set their sights on Winnie the Pooh, or “Little Bear Winnie”, as he’s known there. Searches and comments with references to him, have been blocked with the error message “this content is illegal.” Although the Chinese government hasn’t given an official reason, censorship in China is used almost exclusively to protect the

Forbes Doesn’t Understand Memes, Ties Hentai to Trump Support

Something to remember when perusing the net: if it might be a meme, it is. Forbes picked up on the fact that tolls and edge-lords are purveyors of the internet’s more vague jokes, but failed to see why. In January of last year, Rick Wilson, a staunchly anti-Trump republican, was on live TV making some

Obscene Memes Ruin Teens’ Harvard Dreams

At least ten prospective students have had their acceptance to Harvard University rescinded after sharing offensive memes in an unofficial group-chat. The Harvard Crimson, the school’s official school news source, reported Sunday that some students guilty of sharing offensive images would not be allowed to attend the prestigious university. The university openly encourages online interaction between incoming students

Russian Ties: Occupy Democrats Meme of the Week

Written by Carson Seeger One of the easiest things I do for Liberty Viral is flip through memes posted by alarmingly popular liberal Facebook page “Occupy Democrats,” then break one down.  Whomever runs that page makes it way too easy to mock, but even I was unprepared for how easy a target this week’s meme

Memeology 101: Trump’s a Racist and You Are Too!!

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by: Carson Seeger The lovable losers over at Occupy Democrats have been providing Facebook-users with wonderfully misleading meme’s for the last couple of years.  Each week, I’m going to find one that amuses me, and take a closer look at its claims.      I’m going to work under the

A Tribute to The Greatest Joe Biden Memes

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor of Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic Say what you will about President-elect Donald Trump’s policies – the worst thing about him being in D.C. is that Vice President Joe Biden will be moving out. The bad thing about that? The memes. The glorious memes. The past eight years have

Gary Johnson Super PAC Spends $30k on “Internet Web Memes”

By: Liberty Laura This week, a super PAC supporting Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, formed by Matt Kibbe, spent $30,000 on “internet web memes.” Here’s the FEC filing: Gawker reports: In June, the owner of libertarian tomato processing company Morning Stardonated half a million dollars to AlternativePAC, but Sunday’s meme buy appears to be the

Petition: Rename the Cincinnati Bengals to the Cincinnati Harambes

By: Rebekah Fiedler The infamous gorilla Harambe, who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo, has broken the internet. From the over-the-top mourning of his death, to the memes, memes, and more memes, to being included in a poll against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the beloved gorilla seems to have everyone in a tizzy. A petition