I, Xennial– The New Generation Born Between 1977 and 1983

An Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne, Dan Woodman, has created an entirely new generation by labeling and defining it himself. Depending on who decides which dates bookend generations, I’m either 1. A grey-beard millennial, one of the first of my kind, or 2. One of the youngest members of generation X,

5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Support Free Markets

By: Liberty Laura Today’s young people tend to have an affinity for what they call “Scandinavian socialism.” You know… free college, subsidized public transportation, “economic equality,” no IKEA, but all the other feely-good stuff that means no one has to work hard for what they want because why worry about your next paycheck when there’s a

Jill Stein Becomes First Candidate To Honor Harambe

Written By: Grant M. Deltz Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz! Recently there has been some polling released that suggests internet sensation Harambe to be ahead of Green Party nominee Jill Stein in the race for the White House. Even with this, Stein is a good sport, and recognizes an opportunity when she sees one. Like

STUDY: Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Young Adults 30 Years Ago

By: Liberty Laura A study of nearly 27,000 people suggests that millennials are less likely to be doin’ the nasty than their parents were 30 years ago. The research was conducted in the US and published by Archives of Sexual Behaviour. The results show that young adults between ages 20 and 24, born in the 1990s, were more