Guy Gets All Rude In A Dude’s Face Until Subway Security Arrives And Then…

A drunk man was getting hostile in another man’s face, intimidating him and attempting to provoke him. After a minute or so of verbal harassment, the subway conductor arrived, and all of a sudden “there’s no problem!” Gotta love dat World Star Hip Hop!

Real-Life Luigi Defends Super Mario From Train Attack [VIDEO]

Bowser Jordan & Chubby Mushroom-Top Princess Attempt Curb Stomp… It’s Not Very Effective! Liberty Viral brings to you today an 8-bit tale in true high definition! OK, it’s 240p on Youtube, but still who cares? This is hilarious. A video, we’re guessing from Halloween, was uploaded showing a man talking mad trash to a guy dressed as Super Mario

Man Who “Smacks The Soul” Out Of Woman On Subway Has His Charges Dropped

A man who was arrested for being involved in a subway melee has had the charges dropped against him. Jorge Pena, had his misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct accusations thrown out after authorities found that he was acting in self defense after he slapped a woman who attacked him.  “This time the system worked,” attorney

Video Of This Girl Getting Smacked On The Subway Is Going Viral…

A video from the NYC subway which shows a girl getting smacked after she slaps a man’s phone out of his hand is going viral. The video is called: “Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway,” and seeing as how the girl is not a ginger, she most likely did have a

Watch What Happens When You Steal Food From White People (NSFW)

A Youtuber produced a video prank where he walked around the streets of Manhattan stealing food from white people and taping their reactions. Most of the people were fairly non-confrontational, but even though this was a prank, the guy deserved to get his a** beat. From the video: Having your lunch money stolen in grade

72-Year-Old Man Sucker Punched In NYC (GRAPHIC)

WEST VILLAGE, NY – A 72-year-old man was sucker punched by a thug who randomly attacked him on Monday. The video shows two suspects waiting outside a building before one sucker punched the man as he innocently walked by. The two then fled on foot and are being sought out by authorities. The victim was taken to