Four Reasons Why More Religious Voters Aren’t Libertarians

Written by Paul Cook Many times in our Libertarian circles we hear debates on who we should reach out to more, the right or the left. What we should really be asking ourselves is why we don’t try to focus on reaching out to those voters that are religious? According to the Pew Research Center,

Free Oral Sex for Veterans at the Sausage Castle [VIDEO]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Mike Busey has dubbed himself “The King Of Rock N’ Roll Debauchery.” To celebrate Veteran’s Day, veterans from around the country gathered at Busey’s house for free barbecue, beer, tattoos, lap dances, giveaways, haircuts, and…. blowjobs. It’s kind of hard to top that, however the government is trying to kick Busey out

How To Shutdown Political Party Police On Facebook

By: Liberty Laura A vote for third-party is a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump is by proxy a vote for Gary Johnson, which is still a vote for Hillary for Trump for Gary for Hairy for Obama for Mumps for- STAHP! This is a prime example of how you shutdown a two-party

Incredibly Huge Party Is Biggest In West Michigan History, Police & Ambulances Called

James Taylor’s address was given out just in time for 2,000 people to show up at his tiny house, but not in enough time for police to arrive to break it up. The incredibly huge party was said to have been the largest West Michigan has ever seen, with two DJ’s, go-go dancers, strippers, and fire