From Pro Choice to Pro Life: How Abortion is Failing Women

Written by Alyce Auman Contributor How Come Many Women Seek an Abortion? What happens to them afterwards? It’s not always as smooth as you think.  Supporters of abortion have made this into a Women’s Rights issue. In reality, is this the best way to support our women? You decide. Here are a few personal accounts

Attorney General, A Planned Parenthood Donation Recipient, Charges Journalists With 15 felonies

The state of California charged David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress with 15 crimes on Tuesday, March 28th. David Daleiden’s undercover videos sparked the #PPSellsBabyParts hashtag across various social media sites as well as the push to defund Planned Parenthood in Congress. The now infamous series of videos show Planned Parenthood

Having an Abortion Made Me Pro-Life; My Baby and I Were Failed

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written by Alyce Auman I am Pro-Life. However, I do not force my views onto others. This is a difficult issue for me as I can recognize the thought processes on both sides of this topic. I strongly urge for us as a society to do our women and society justice

VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Exposed On “Prenatal Care” Sham

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: By: Jason Hinrichs Co-Founder of The Reformed Collective Time and time again, Planned Parenthood supporters repeat their soundbites of compassion: prenatal care, birth control, only 3%. Live Action, a non-profit organization “dedicated to ending abortion and protecting the right to life,” has been busily keeping the world updated on the

Feminist Shoves USED Maxi-Pad Down Preacher’s Throat [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: By: Jason Hinrichs The true face of tolerance, a la feminism and Planned Parenthood supporters. Video: Apologia Church WATCH TLR’S LATEST VIDEO: