Cops Show Up Unannounced, Shoot And Kill Homeowner’s Dog… Justified? [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura A Kansas City woman is demanding justice after she says police shot and killed her dog without reason. The dog’s owners surveillance cameras, which were installed as a security measure to watch classic cars in their driveway, taped the footage of the incident. “They killed her, and she died right there in front

Cop Rescues Family From Ex-Lover’s Gunfire [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura After a father opened fire on his family, Deputy Justin Ferrari went into the line of fire to save a woman and her children. CBS News reports: The woman told Volusia County sheriff’s deputies she was in the process of separating from her husband when he showed up at their house in

Cop Fired After Threatening Little Girl on Facebook [PICTURES]

By: Jeff Caldwell Overland Park, Kansas Police Department immediately fired a police officer for his Facebook comment on a woman’s photo of her child. Lanaydra Williams lives in Dallas, TX. She says she doesn’t know anyone who lives in Overland Park. The former officer’s comment on William’s 2014 photo came a couple hours after the recent Dallas