Black Man Shot With Hands Up In Front Of Autistic Patient On The Street [VIDEO]

By: Laura Meyers In Florida, an unarmed behavioral therapist was attempting to calm an autistic patient, was shot by local police when officers took the boy’s toy truck for a gun. The man was shot with his hands in the air, and luckily lived to tell his story. After he was shot, he asked the

Police Dispatch Audio From Castile Shooting Doesn’t Make Cops Look Good… [AUDIO]

By: Laura Meyers Philando Castile died from a police shooting Wednesday evening after being pulled over in what he and his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, were told was a “routine traffic stop” for a broken tail light. There was also a young girl in the back seat of the vehicle. New audio released reveals an alternative intent

Dr. Ben Carson On Missouri Shooting: “Police Are Individuals, Too”

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly to discuss the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Dr. Carson claims that he understands the pain that the family of Brown feels, but thinks that people need to understand that “police are individuals, too.” Dr. Carson spoke about how Martin Luther King quelled the